Compass.png The city of Absalom traces its origins back to the dawn of the modern age, which began with the city’s founding by Aroden, the god of humanity. Since then, countless tyrants, empires, and godlings have attempted to claim it, but the “City Under Siege” has never fallen, and remains as integral to the trade and culture of the Inner Sea today as it was in the era of Old Taldor or the glory years of Cheliax. As far as modern history is concerned, Absalom has always stood astride the mountainous Isle of Kortos, and probably always will.

In the nearly 5,000 years since its founding, Absalom has attracted visitors from all over Golarion, and even some from the distant fringes of the Great Beyond. These travelers have brought secrets and wealth along with them, making Absalom one of the greatest sources of antiquities and lore that the world has ever known. Even today trade brings ships from the far harbors of the legendary eastern continents and the distant side of the Horn of Droon in southern Garund, flooding the metropolis with exotic ideas, diverse magical artifice, and enough political intrigue to inspire machinations from enemies both foreign and domestic.

Absalom is the launching ground of a thousand adventures, led by the far ranging Pathfinders who fight rival factions tooth and nail for the secrets for the world. But there is always work for the freelancers, for those willing to travel, fight, explore and reveal the lost treasures of past civilisations. It is these brave and foolhardy individuals that grow to become the legends recorded in the grand archives of the Pathfinder Society.


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